Does Babywearing International of Phoenix accept donations?
Yes, we do!  We accept donations of baby carriers, money, and other items.  Your donations add carriers to our library, help us in community outreach efforts, and may be used as prizes for contests. Donating can also be a great way for local businesses to get publicity through our group! We are a non-profit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. Ask any VBE for more information, or email

Can I sell or buy carriers or other items at the meetings?
Because our focus is on education, we do not allow buying or selling items during our meetings.  You may conduct sales before or after our meetings, or outside of the meeting location.

Why come to a meeting?
Our attendees come to meetings to get help with their carriers, to try on a variety of new carriers, to learn new ways of carrying, and to socialize with other babywearers!

Who can come to the meetings?
Anyone who wants to learn about babywearing may attend!  Our meetings are free and open to the community.  You will usually find a mix of moms, dads, grandparents, expectant parents, and other caregivers at our meetings.  

Can I bring my older children to the meeting?
Yes!  Children of all ages are welcome at the meetings.  Their supervision is your responsibility during the meeting; however, they typically have a fun time playing with other children while you get help carriers and meet new people.

Can I come to the meeting even if I don’t have children?
Yes!  You can come even if you don’t have children - the only requirement is that you want to learn about babywearing.  We regularly have expectant parents and caregivers attend our meetings to learn about how babywearing can help their unique situation.  



What carriers are available in the library?
We have many examples of almost every carrier type in our library.  See our updated list here. [Note: The list is not a guarantee that a specific carrier will be at a meeting or available for checkout.]  Our collection of over 200 carriers and accessories is divided into smaller Libraries that attend each meeting.

May I return a carrier to a different meeting?
You may return your borrowed carrier to any meeting. It is due back at or before the following month's meeting at the same location.  [For example, if you borrow a wrap at the January Central Meeting, it is due back the February Central Meeting; however, you may attend any other meeting before the February Central Meeting to return the wrap prior to the due date.]

I can’t make it to the meeting where my carrier is due - what now?
Borrowed carriers may be returned to an earlier meeting at a different location if you are unable to make the meeting when it is due.  If your are unable to attend a different meeting, email us at to make arrangements for return outside of a meeting.  Late fees of $1 per day begin to accrue after the due date, and late fees must be paid before borrowing again.  

May I renew my carrier?
We are unable to offer renewals. We will help you find something else you might enjoy just as much!

May I have somebody else return my carrier?
Yes, you may arrange to have someone else return your carrier. [Note: You are still responsible for the carrier until it is in the hands of a VBE.]

How do I wash my borrowed carrier?
Please do not wash your library carrier unless instructed by a VBE.  The carriers have special washing instructions and we prefer to wash them ourselves to maximize the life of each carrier.
Spot clean small areas with a wet wipe or damp towel.  If soiling is heavier, please contact us as soon as possible to describing the problem so we can give specific instructions for your situation. 

What happens if my borrowed carrier is damaged or lost?
Let us know as soon as possible! Damage fees depend on severity, and are addressed on a case-by-case basis:  if easily repairable, there may be a small fee to cover the repair; if damage is due to regular wear and tear of a well-loved carrier, a fee might not be assessed at all; if the carrier is lost completely or damaged beyond repair, you may be responsible for the cost of a replacement. Please consider all of these factors before borrowing carriers.

Do I have to be a member to come to a meeting?
No! You may attend whether or not you are a member.  Everyone is welcome, and our library of carriers is available to try out during the meeting.  

What is membership?  
Babywearing International of Phoenix is a member-supported organization.  Memberships are $30 per year, which fund purchasing carriers for our extensive Lending Library, printing of safety and educational materials, and participating in community education and outreach activities. Becoming a member of Babywearing International of Phoenix allows you to:

  • borrow any available carrier from our library for up to a month at a time
  • receive special discounts + access to members only events
  • spread the babywearing love!

How do I become a member?
Sign up to become a member at any meeting.  Fill out the forms, and pay the $30 annual tax-deductible dues via cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

Can I give a gift membership?
Yes! We offer gift certificates for an annual membership. Email us at, or talk to any VBE to buy a gift membership. This makes a great shower/blessing gift!

Where are the meetings?
We have five meetings each month: one in the West valley, one in the North valley, one in the Central valley, and two in the East valley.  Find all of the current information about our scheduled meetings here.

When are the meetings?
Four of our monthly meetings are held on weekdays, and one on a Saturday.  Most meetings are held from 10am to noon, but times may vary.  Suitable location availability and VBE coverage determine meeting times and places. We are always working to expand our reach and develop new volunteers! Find all of the current information about our scheduled meetings here.

What happens at the meetings?
Meetings are led by Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs), who typically wear purple shirts and bring a large suitcase or two containing our Lending Library or carriers.  Items in the Lending Library are available for all to try on and get help with at any meeting; members may also borrow available carriers (see Membership section for more details). VBEs are available to help with carrier questions, either those in the Library or personal carriers brought by attendees.  People also mingle, chat, and make new friends during the meetings!